Latin I

Lingua Latina Capitulum I: Imperium Romanum

Audi:    Capitulum I – Listen and practice reading for pronunciation


How do we know what Latin sounded like?  Click Here

How did the alphabet change? Click Here

Latin Pronunciation Worksheet

Latin Pronunciation Audio 

Gaudeamus Igitur: Audi

Lingua Latina I Docs 2016: vocab and grammar worksheets

Philology 101 singular and plural

Numeri Romani I-X

Imperium Romanum Proiectum

Lingua Latina I Extra Help and Explanation

Practice Test and Key: practice-test-ll1-key

Chapter II

Lingua Latina II: Familia Romana

 Notebooks Due by Wed 11.9 you should have Cap. I and II completely translated:-)

Test Capitulum II Monday 11.7

Practice Test and Key

Image result for Roman Family

Vocab Cap. II and Worksheets: vocab-ii-and-worksheet

Reading Cap. II:chapter-2-text     Audi hic

Genitive = Possession Check Out this Video

 Practice Test Lingua II and Key

I. Genitive Case

II. Vocabulary Cap. II and Worksheets: Vocab II and Worksheet

III. Roman naming Conventions: Tria Nomena 2015

IV. Mary Beard Meet the Romans Video Link

Lingua Latina III: Puer Improbus

Vocabula III

Reading ch Cap. III Puer Improbus


Latin I Readings by Chapter

Chapter I: Imperium Romanum: Lingua Latina Cap. I

Chapter II: Familia Romana: Chapter 2 text

Chapter III: Puer Improbus Chapter 3 Text

Chapter IV: Dominus et Servi Reading Lingua IV

Vocabulary Review– use the links below to go on line and play some vocab games

Practice Vocabula I

Practice Vocabulary I and II

Practice Verbs III

Practice Vocabula III

Practice Vocabula IV

Practice Vocabula V

Practice: Vocabula VI

IV. Translation Dictionary Tool: Nodictionaries

V. Online Latin Dictionary: Whitaker’s Words


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