Latin II

Lingua Latina X: Animalia

Quiz- Relative Pronoun Chart and Vocab X on Monday (Period5) and Tuesday (Period 7)

Vocab X List and Packet

Reading X

Relative Pronoun Chart Memorize for Quiz 11.21/22

Lingua Latina IX: Pastor et Oves

Test Chapter IX : Period 5, Monday 11.7; Period 7 Tuesday, 11.8

Notebooks due on Tuesday 11.8- Make Sure that Urbs Athena and Cap II Pastor et Oves translations are complete:-)

Relative Pronouns- If you need a refresher check out this clip:-)

Click Here for Reading IX: Reading IX

Click Here for Lingua IX Vocab: Lingua IX Vocab Packet

Lingua IX Vocab Review

Unit I : Urbs Roma Review

4th and 5th Declension Quiz p.5 Thursday 10.6; p.7 Friday 10.7

Unit I: Urbs Roma Test on Thursday 10.16; Practice Test

Perfect Tense Intro Video Here and Worksheets Here:-)

Click Here for Unit I Syllabus

Urbs Roma Vocab and Worksheets

Verb Review and Exercises: Present, Imperfect, Future

Noun Case Endings

Latin II Summer Work MMXVI: Summer 2016 Urbs Romana

Salvete Discipuli!!!  You are now in Latin II:-) If you have any questions email me:

This summer you will be reading about and mapping out the city of Ancient Rome!  I have a few tasks for you to complete before we meet again in September:

I. Watch this video that gives an overview of the city of Rome and the basic buildings and layout of the city (13 min)

II. Urbs Romae Latine!  Now for a little review work:Summer 2016 Verbs Vocab and Demonstrative PN

a. Look through this list of 12 verbs- memorize the principle parts and complete the verb synopses; then review your demonstrative pronouns: Hic and Ille- memorize Hic and review Ille: print fill out and bring in to class Summer 2016 Verbs Vocab and Demonstrative PN

b. Read through some vocab in the “urbs antiqua” packet and complete ex. A- a vocab review; next read “a story about an ancient Roman city” (p.352) and complete exercises B and C.  Urbs Antiqua City Vocab and Reading

If you need extra vocab help use this link for a great online Latin dictionary: Whitaker’s Words

That is all- if you would like there are addition review materials and links below:-)

                                           Roman Insulae Video


Latin II In Review…

I. Pronunciation: Consonants, Vowels, Trilling your R

II. Noun Case Endings

III. Review of Cases: Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative and *Vocative:)

Hic and Ille Demonstrative Pronouns: Hic and Ille Demonstrative PN

Urbs Antiqua City Vocab and Reading

Complete Vocab List

Roman Buildings


We will be reviewing noun endings: 1st- 5th declension and verbs tenses: present, imperfect, future and perfect!





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