Latin III Honors

Latin III Grammar Resources

Summer Work 2017: Click here for the 2017 Summer Packet 

As new Latin III honors students you will be required to complete three tasks (Reading the Aeneid is optional- we will be reading it the first few weeks of school) to hone your Latin skills and augment your Latin knowledge.

I. Beach Book I: Read Lavinia by Ursala Le Guin.  This is a sort of wacky Aeneid  fan fiction novel.  It is a retelling of the mythic arrival of the Trojans in Italy after the Trojan War from the perspective of Lavinia, a princess of Latium- sound familiar (its where they speak Latin!).  So this is set in the super mythic past of Italy and it is written in a funky style.  Ursala Le Guin is best known for her fantasy and science fiction novels.  So this is a sort of fantasy fan fiction based on the Aeneid books VI-XII.

(Optional- we will be reading books 6-12 of the Aeneid the first 2 weeks of school and comparing it with Lavinia) II.  Now read books VI- XII of the Aeneid: Click here for a beautiful translation by John Dryden   We are only reading books VI-XII : Aeneas arrives Italy and the Italian wars. If you prefer a more modern prose translation I recommend Robert Fagles’ translation (you can get this at the library). Here is a link to a more prosy online translation:-)

*Here is a great outline of the Aeneid– to help direct your reading and research (momento: we are focusing on books 6-12)*

IV. Translate and Review:

a. Verb Work: Wheelock’s Chapter 12 – Read through the chapter and complete the OST page at the end  Key WH 12

b. Translation:Pars Quinta Fabulae: A simple story of the Trojan War

Great Latin Dictionary Online: Whitaker’s Words

Extra Resources to preview for the beginning of Latin III- if you choose:-)

Perfect System of Tenses 

3rd and 4th Conjugation: pres/imperfect/future:3rd and 4th Conjugation

Random Noun Declension Practice

Principle Parts To Review Wheelock’s 1-13

A Very Useful Guide to Using-Principal-Parts

Image result for Centaurs Greek Vase


Latin III Honors Unit I: Epic Participles

Summer Reading Essay Choose a topic and create an essay outline- with quotes from both Lavinia and the Aeneid;  We will be sharing these outlines and writing an essay the week that we return from school.  Topics: a. The Role of Women in Epic- How does Lavinia recreate the roles of major female characters in books VI-XII of the Aeneid?  b. Fate and the gods: Compare and contrast the role/s of fate and/or the gods in Lavinia and the Aeneid   c. Heroes and Heroines: Compare and contrast 2 heroes/ heroines in the Aeneid and Lavinia. Do LeGuin’s heroes conform to their Vergilian counterparts?

Essay Outline Format: Lavinia Essay Outline

Summer Reading Essay Rubric

Unit I Overview and Syllabus:-)

The Aeneid in Short:-0Video


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