Latin III Honors

Wheelock’s 29: Imperfect Subjunctive

Click here to review the formation of the imperfect subjunctive

Click here to review the formation of the present subjunctive

Demosthenes orator Louvre.jpg

Epic Endings Work Due 11.22-23

See oncourse for your Epic Endings reading response and Absolutely eopic endings participle sentences packet.

Wheelock’s 24: Epic Participial Constructions

  • 2nd Notebook check = 11/8  -Work on your 2nd OST:-) See Oncourse for list of translations
  • Test WH 24: Pass Peri and Abl. Abs. Tuesday 11.8  Practice Test and Key Here

WH 24 Satirist’s MO

WH 24 De Cupiditate   Hercules in caelo


Xtreme Verb Quiz I 1-10 on Wed. Nov 2nd= Know all 4 principle parts of verb

WH 24 Google Doc Syllabus

Ablative Absolute:

Click here for Ablative Absolute Video

Absolutely Ablative Activities and Key

Passive Periphrastic:

Supercalifragilistic Passive Periphrastic Song

Future Passive Participle: Passive Periphrastic Vide

Participles: Part Verb, Part Adjective!

Participle Quest Next Thursday 10.13/14   Practice Test and Key Here

Latin Participle Video 

Image result for Centaurs Greek Vase

Participles part I:-) Worksheets

Death of Turnus Participle Translation

Latin Participle Videos:   Present Active   Perfect Passive Future Active Future Passive

Essay: Lavinia and the Aeneid in class on Wed 7.14

Make Sure that you print out your essay outline and bring it in to use on your in class essay tomorrow – I will collect it with your essay:-)

Latin III Honors Unit I: Epic Participles

Summer Reading Essay Rubric

Unit I Overview and Syllabus:-)

The Aeneid in Short:-0Video

Summer Work MMXVI

As new Latin III honors students you will be required to complete four tasks to hone your Latin skills and augment your Latin knowledge over the summer.

I. Beach Book I: Read Lavinia by Ursala Le Guin.  This is a sort of wacky Aeneid  fan fiction novel.  It is a retelling of the mythic arrival of the Trojans in Italy after the Trojan War from the perspective of Lavinia, a princess of Latium- sound familiar (its where they speak Latin!).  So this is set in the super mythic past of Italy and it is written in a funky style.  Ursala Le Guin is best known for her fantasy and science fiction novels.  So this is a sort of fantasy fan fiction based on the Aeneid books VI-XII.

II.  Now read books VI- XII of the Aeneid: Click here for a beautiful translation by John Dryden   We are only reading books VI-XII : Aeneas arrives Italy and the Italian wars. If you prefer a more modern prose translation I recommend Robert Fagles’ translation (you can get this at the library). Here is a link to a more prosey online translation:-)

III. Choose a topic and create an essay outline- with quotes from both Lavinia and the Aeneid;  We will be sharing these outlines and writing an essay the week that we return from school.  Topics: a. The Role of Women in Epic- How does Lavinia recreate the roles of major female characters in books VI-XII of the Aeneid?  b. Fate and the gods: Compare and contrast the role/s of fate and/or the gods in Lavinia and the Aeneid   c. Heroes and Heroines: Compare and contrast 2 heroes/ heroines in the Aeneid and Lavinia. Do LeGuin’s heroes conform to their Virgilian counterparts?

*Here is a great outline of the Aeneid– to help direct your reading and research (momento: we are focusing on books 6-12)*

Essay Outline Format: Lavinia Essay Outline


IV. Translate and Review:  You will complete a short translation about Aeneas: Aeneas Arrives in Italy.  You may need a dictionary to help you;  Then complete the verb synopses and memorize the principle parts of the verbs listed.

a. Verb Work: Aeneas-arrives verbs-and-synopses with KEY

b. Translation: Aeneas Arrives Text

Quizlet Vocab Cards for Fabulae Romanae I

Great Latin Dictionary Online: Whitaker’s Words

Extra Resources to preview for the beginning of Latin III- if you choose:-)

Participles: Forming the Participle

3rd and 4th Conjugation: pres/imperfect/future:3rd and 4th Conjugation

Principle Parts To Review Wheelock’s 1-13

A Very Useful Guide to Using-Principal-Parts

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