Latin Club

Latin Club Meets Fridays During Lunch in Room 321:)

On-sight contests for Ridge are in our folder:-) 

 Here is our folder

Yale Certamen Questions 🙂 2014

Yale Certamen 11/8-9 Syllabus: Yale Certamen Syllabus

Here is a great website for History and Culture : VRoma Break up the reading among team members!

I. Latin I/ Novice Vocab

II. Great Roman Culture Site: review Roman Clothing-do parts I and II Roman ClothingPractice Roman Culture

III. Roman Gov: read through and memorize the cursus honorum  Notes on Roman Government Social Class

Illinois Certamen Questions- good practice Certamen and scroll down for lists of thematic vocab- very good to look over!

Mass Certamen Questions

Yale Certamen Questions






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